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Welcome to Clan DT.

I hope this site will help you find what you want and what you research. If there are certain things you do not understand or you need help, please feel free to write a private message to our Leaders.

Have a nice day and Enjoy it ^^

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We are very sorry to announce that Clan DT will not be coming back, Clan Channel has expired, and the leaders are lacking time in diablo 2, we wish our members luck in whatever they decide to do in the future


 Rules for the site

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Rules for the site Empty
PostSubject: Rules for the site   Rules for the site EmptyWed Mar 25, 2009 6:07 am

Alright heres some rules

NO HUGE SIGNATURES - please keep them smaller as sometimes its annoying for other members to scroll down the page when they see a ridiculously big signature

NO PORN - not mentioning any names *KLINK*

RESPECT OTHER MEMBERS - little bit of flame is okay if they deserve it though (can't stop members from doing something I cant help but to do)

NO SPAM - well I spam a lot too but lets try to keep it down a little bit, the off topic forum is for spam okay?

NO OFFENSIVE MATERIAL - This can be anything ranging from making fun of something you don't like, to posting detailed pictures of really cute animals getting chopped up into tons of peices

IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM - Let me and Helen aka miss_Lnouz know, we are here to help, and bring fun back into the world of Diablo II
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Rules for the site
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